About Us

kids above camp

Welcome to McKenzie’s Trails West!  We are a  multi-generational  outfitting business with a passion for  people, horses, mountains, and adventure.

Founded by Ed and Milly McKenzie in 1966, we have been hosting adventurers in the untamed Canadian Rockies for 40 years.

Guiding was second nature to Ed.  His childhood was spent in Stauffer, Alberta fishing, hunting, farming and of course riding broncs every weekend for a few extra dollars.  He got his first guide’s license in 1949 and worked for many local big game outfitters  before starting his own outfit with Milly in 1966.  Ed’s undeniable back country skills and natural charisma paired well with Milly’s  love of  people and sharp business sense and together they grew McKenzie’s Trails West into one of the most trusted and recognizable outfits in the province.

They spent many years sharing wilderness adventures with people from all over the world and advocating for the conservation and protection of this incredible God given habitat.

Mom and Dad gave each one of their 9 kids an unforgettable  childhood as we worked within the business.  Our “family time” was exploring  unspoiled wilderness, our “toys” faithful horses, and our “playground” rugged mountain tops and crystal clear streams and lakes.

They taught us to respect and love this special environment not only for the recreation and livelihood it provides  but also for the value of the water we drink and the air we breathe.

Currently  Ed and Milly’s youngest daughter Shelley Schenk and her husband Kelly manage the outfit.  Together with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins we are still working (and playing)hard to bring you and your family an unforgettable wilderness horseback  adventure and western hospitality at its finest.  Our family…your guides


Ed McKenzie circa 1980

Ed McKenzie circa 1980