Pack Trips


Pack up your duffle bag, get into your old blue jeans, and let us take you for a horseback adventure you’ll never forget

Like travellers of days gone by, a tent will be your home as you explore this majestic wilderness.   Everything must be packed in and out by horse.  We supply cots, foam pads and ground sheets so you can sleep in comfort, well protected from the elements.  Read More

This is one of the last sizeable tracts of mountain wilderness in Alberta that has been spared from highways and commercial development.  It is home to many species of wildlife which occasionally present themselves for exciting photographic opportunities.

cow elk and calf      grizzly bear copy       ewe and lamb


Imagine waking up in the crisp mountain air to the smell of fresh coffee, pancakes and bacon!  Our trail cooks will delight you with their daily mealtime surprises prepared on the small wood stove which is packed in and out on horseback.  Plenty of good home cooking to satisfy the heartiest appetite.


After a long day on the trail, it is great to relax around the evening campfire reliving the excitement of the day and sharing some “tall tales” with fellow travellers.  Friendships flourish in the glow of the embers, many which last for years!



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