Custom Camping

Comfort Camping

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying the comforts of a cozy outfitter tent.  Wake up to the stunning mountain views, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and experience the tranquility of being surrounded by wilderness. Whether you’re a nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique getaway, our wall tent is the perfect place for you.

Cowboy Camping in Style

Real camping, Real easy

Experience an authentic outfitter getaway

Located near the base of Mount Stelfox in the heart of Cline River Valley, just a few short steps away from Whitegoat Lakes. Enjoy the natural beauty and discover the many hiking and fishing opportunities in the area. Horseback riding, helicopter tours, canyoning, golf, shopping and dining are available within short driving distances.

An Authentic Rustic Retreat

Spend the night in a sturdy traditional wall tent used by early travelers as they explored the valley. These unserviced tents are located in a common area just outside of our base camp. Unplugged from electricity, running water and cell service but within walking distance of toilets, showers and phone service.   Plenty of space and room to breathe.  Designed for those wishing to experience a true camping experience.

Starry Nights Included

Quiet nights and bright stars make evenings around the campfire a one of a kind experience.  Bring your most cherished to share the magic.

Roomy Outfitter Tents

Your room is a cozy 12×14 wall tent furnished with a comfortable bed and wood burning heater stove.  Bedding is provided for you. An outdoor fire pit in the shared space along with a BBQ grill provides the elements needed for creating traditional camping feasts.

Bring Your Friends

We offer 4 outfitter tents.  Book individually or as a small group.